Axi-Dent strong Puller

Strong Puller Eco

Measure the damage with a straight edge.

Weld on tags and thread pull bar through them.

Hook on Strong Puller and carry out first pull.

Reposition Hook on Strong Puller and carry out second pull. Note the pulling tongs can be moved anywhere along the pull bar.

Sand up the dented areas that are left and finish with Hand Puller Eco.

Strong Puller Pro

Use soft style sander to remove paint only where you wish to pull.

The curved shape of the damage is no problem note the tiny area needed for the earth sytem.

Welding the tags *note the use of twisted tags for cosmetic panels.

Attaching Strong Puller -  as we said earlier you are able to lean the tags to allow the pull bar to be threaded through the tags on a curved panel area.

Strong Puller holds tension whilst you are able to planish and release the tension in the panel.

Use of the Double Foot to spread the pull load on the sill and edge of front wing.

Repair Area Sanded. *Note how the damaged area has been kept to a minimum.