Axi-Dent A8 Aluminium system

The Aluminium System contains the following components:

  • Strong Puller
  • Spotter Welding System Complete
  • Weld Station
  • Line Pull Bar
  • Pull Bars
  • Slide Hammer
  • Hand Puller
  • Auxillary Puller

How it works:

Gentle pressure as you energise the gun.

The spring in the gun splashes the stud onto the panel.

Ali Stud & Pull System

Weld Aluminium stud onto the panel, this is shown with a snug earth system.

Screw Aluminium adaptor onto stud and attach Hand Puller and apply tension.

Warm Aluminium to manufacturers specification, the tension applied will release the Aluminium .

Cool Panel with air blow gun until ambient temperature and check to see if you have achieved the result you required.

Remove hand puller and adaptor then trim stud with sharp wire snips then sand flat.

Aluminium Adaptors with Strong Pull Hook pulling styling line.

Strong Puller working on Aluminium Bonnet.