About WOW

We are a unique company specialising in bringing the UK market: repair systems, techniques and training for the automotive trade. Our message is “value for money” whenever we develop or select a product from our network of suppliers and manufacturers around the world.

Our systems are installed in all types of repair shops from the smallest to nationwide groups and colleges.

We pride ourselves in the fact that not only can we show you the product, we are happy to get our hands dirty and do the job! All the members of our staff are experienced fully trained repair specialists clocking up some 70yrs of experience between us.

So the question you can ask us is “Can you repair this” we almost certainly will have the solution, technique and tool, of course we are also happy to give advice.

Introducing The AXI-DENT Panel Repair System:

What is Axi-Dent Panel Repair System?

The Axi-Dent panel repair system is a breakthrough method of auto body panel repair which reduces repair times to a fraction of what they would be using conventional methods. By working from the outside, it avoids the strip and refit process and minimises the need for replacement panels.

You simply spot tags onto the steel or aluminium panel with either the Aluminium or Steel Weld Spotter System and use one of the tools below to gently ease the panel back to its original shape.

The Axi-Dent Kit includes four main 'breakthrough' components:

  • The Axi-Dent Strong Puller: used to pull out damage on any strong or semi-structural parts of the vehicle e.g. sills, wheel arches, posts, roof edges, bonnet, boot and tailgate edges etc.
  • The Axi-Dent Line Puller Bars: used to rough out damage on any 'cosmetic' panels. It is particularly useful on large panels with the repair of vehicles such as people carriers and vans seeing excellent benefits.
  • The Axi-Dent TWAQ Puller: the Hand Puller is used to quickly repair dings, dents, scrapes and scratches. In addition, it is used in conjunction with the Strong Puller and Line Puller as a finishing and shrinking tool.
  • The Axi-Dent Stud Welder: used to energize the welding of tags and hand pullers.

How does Axi-Dent panel repair benefit the car owner, body shop and work provider?

  • Reduces panel replacement costs
  • Borderline write offs become economical repairs
  • Speeds up repair process and the vehicle is returned to the owner quicker
  • Keeps vehicle original by maintaining vehicle manufacturers welds and seams
  • Minimises disturbance of corrosion protection
  • Reduces 'rattle & leak' problems after repair
  • No waiting for parts and the job is started immediately
  • Keeping the repair local minimises colour blending problems
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Competitive, high quality, fast turnaround repairs